Important announcements from the online 2020 General Assembly of International Florist Organisation

Important announcements from the online 2020 General Assembly of International Florist Organisation

Florint organised its annual Members’ Congress in the form of an online conference on Friday, 16 October. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging in many countries, an in-person meeting was unfortunately impossible this year. Several impactful announcements and policy choices were made during the virtual assembly, which brought 26 delegates together. We explain these decisions and their consequences below.

Entrepreneurship: The Sustainable Florist

Sustainability sounds terrific, but how do I put that noble ideal into practice..?

With Florint’s new international project, The Sustainable Florist, we answer this crucial question.

The Sustainable Florist is a quality label and a certification system with three levels. It measures all the crucial aspects of business sustainability, from buying product; to waste, energy and water management; to employment conditions, and much more.

A useful checklist for florists summarises these criteria and gives you tips on how you can improve. On top of that, The Sustainable Florist offers you a way to market your sustainability and turn it into added value, so that customers recognise your efforts too!

Learn more about The Sustainable Florist certification scheme by viewing the presentation here.

Members of Florint have received the Sustainable Florist’s Certification Scheme and Checklist via email. We look forward to helping you implement this powerful system for your member florists. Please contact us to discuss follow-up steps!

Entrepreneurship: The Florist of the Future

Florint has, over the last years, been developing its ‘Florist of the Future’ program. The goal is to help floral entrepreneurs survive and thrive in the coming decades. This program received an important update during our Members’ Congress.

Based on reliable market research and international best practices, we give suggestions for the professional florist’s optimal:

  • Positioning
  • Target Groups
  • Business Model
  • Crucial Skills & Education

These four elements, when correctly combined, are the foundation for a successful florist enterprise. Apply them carefully to your own personal context, and you cannot go wrong.

Are you interested in the details? Download the ‘Florist of the Future’ presentation here.

Europa Cup 2021 – the European Floristry Championship

The date of the Europa Cup 2021 has been moved once more, from 16-18 April to 25-27 June 2021! Public safety is our main concern. And these new dates in June offer a much better chance to organise the championship in a way that minimises risk and maximises enjoyment.

We sincerely hope you understand our reasoning, and the difficult decision the Organising Committee faced. We believe this is better for all the involved parties, and apologise if it causes you any inconvenience.

Please note: Enrolment in the Europa Cup 2021 has been re-opened until the end of this year! There are a few spots left for enthusiastic, talented florists who want to compete.

Read this article on our website for more details.

Meanwhile, follow the broadcasts of Europa Cup TV on Facebook, to meet the competitors and not miss out on any news! There are also some fun floristry contests you can take part in, to help promote yourself as well as the Europa Cup.

Member Contributions in 2021

Member associations pay a yearly contribution to cover the costs of Florint’s added-value activities on behalf of our florist associations. The fees for 2021 have been agreed as follows:

  • Base membership fee: € 3.849,–
  • Add-on fee per florist that is a member of your association: € 3,34 
  • The yearly maximum for these two combined fees: € 6.523,–
  • Candidate membership fee: € 2.444,–
  • Championship add-on fee (this includes your candidate’s participation):
    • Europa Cup Senior Floristry Championship: € 750,–
    • Eurofleurs Young Florist Championship: € 500,–

The contributions are identical to those in 2020, except for two changes: a small inflation correction applied to the base membership fee, and an increase in the fee for participation in Florint’s Europa Cup championship. This increase covers the rising costs of organising such a monumental competition.

Eurofleurs 2022 – European Championship for Young Florists

Florint’s junior floristry championship, Eurofleurs, will be organised by our candidate member organisation from Estonia: EESTI FLORIST! While initially planned for 2022, the young florist championship will likely be rescheduled to 2023 or 2024 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ambitious team from Eesti Florist plans to organise the championship in historic Tartu, the country’s second-largest city, around October. The venue will be amazing, but we are keeping it a secret for now!

Sustainability and back-to-nature are expected to be two central themes for the competition. Stay tuned!

Floristry Education, powered by Florint & Flornet

Florint’s has successfully developed a floristry curriculum for vocational education over the last five years. We did this together with our partners from Flornet (, with whom we form the European Platform on Vocational Education & Training (EPFVET). 

In the coming years, we work to implement this added-value program in some of our member countries that lack a formal education system for florists. That way, it contributes to better education opportunities for those interested in learning floral design.

The presentation on the latest developments in our Floristry Education project can be downloaded by clicking here.

Elections to the Direction Committee

Elections for the positions on Florint’s Board of Directors – the Direction Committee – have been postponed. Once we can meet in person again, votes will be held for the seats of the two board members who are at the end of their 3-year terms.

At the moment, we expect this to be the case in 2021. We hope for the best!

Contact Florint’s Direction Committee via:

Telephone: +31 6416 18140
WhatsApp: +31 6416 18140

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