Aleia Roses receives the coveted MPS-GAP sustainability certificate

Aleia Roses receives the coveted MPS-GAP sustainability certificate

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Spain’s innovative producer of Red Naomi!®, Aleia Roses, has been awarded the certificate MPS-GAP. This certificate proves the growers’ traceability, safety and hygiene, and its commitment to sustainability in particular. As eye for the environment is one of the key values guiding the Spanish company, the certificate has been accepted proudly. The label shows that the company is able to meet all the demanding environmental and social requirements.



Aleia Roses has been acknowledged with the certificate as it strives for a 100% biologically-produced crop. IPM and a full set of sustainable strategies are implemented in the greenhouse to produce the most beautiful rose with the highest quality.

Floriculture requires quite large amounts of water, and Aleia Roses has built water reservoirs to recover and store rain water. The water is used in the most efficient way, not only due to these reservoirs, but also with the use of the high-quality water of the Duero river and the systems and procedures to reuse the drainage water from the crop.

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse, which is located in Soria in the North of Spain, measures almost 15 hectares and makes use of the favourable conditions the region brings along. The entire process, from planting to cutting, combines the power of nature and the latest Dutch technologies implemented in a sustainable manner.

The MPS-GAP Certificate

To obtain the MPS-GAP certificate, a company has to record how many crop protection agents it uses each day, when the equipment has been serviced and how it works with the crop.

The risk reduction for, and traceability of flowers or plants are important reasons for obtaining the MPS-GAP certificate. The certificate also forms part of MPS-Florimark, the ultimate label for sustainability.

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