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Florint happily presents you with our ‘Accessory of the Month’! Our aim here is to show the wide range of containers and creative materials available and, in particular, how to make great use of them. To do so, we have teamed up with FLOOS, known for its creative approach to floral arrangement!


This month’s “crafter’s secret”: ‘Melia azedarach’


Daniel Santamaria for FLOOS, a crafter’s secret.

Description of the composition:

The greater the contrast of elements, lines and shapes, the greater the effect of the floral design. It is a dance between the shapes and lines of the materials, accentuating beyond a geometric figure. The personality of the materials is achieved from their treatment by the designer, without losing the original line or shape of those same materials. The most complete arrangement for a designer is the projection of a ‘Formal-Linear’

Have a look at the slideshow below for the design steps involved in this creative arrangement base. But never be afraid to experiment, that’s what being a floral arranger is all about!

[URIS id=7392]

To see all the technical details of how Daniel continues his arrangement, you can also have a look at the complete floral recipe video at: Florint fans can make use of the discount code ‘Florint’ to save money on their FLOOS subscription: it’s really worth having a look at!

Level of difficulty:


Execution time:

2 to 4 hours

Approximate cost:



Still Life

Materials used:

Sphere wet floral foam D.35cm OasisĀ®, Melia azedarach

Flowers used with this base:

Kalanchoe mortagei, Anthurium andreanum ‘Verino’ (Green/white), Asclepia araujia sericifera (miraguano), Strelitzia reginae, Rhipsalis sp., Xanthorrhoea australis (steelgrass), Aloe barbadensis, Dried branches

Good luck: may this recipe help inspire your passion for floristry and kindle your creativity!

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