florint about International Florist Organisation

Becoming a member of Florint, the International Florist Organisation, is a profitable choice… 

Twenty-three of the most prominent florist associations in the world are members of Florint. And every few months, a florist association from another country shows interest in joining the Florint family. There is only one reason: they appreciate what we do, and the benefits of membership far outweigh the costs!

Here are some of the advantages of Florint membership for you and your member florists:

✔ Valuable support on the key challenges florists face: Entrepreneurship, Craftsmanship, Education/Staff and Sustainability

✔ Free access to the Florint Toolbox of effective added-value instruments, including reliable consumer info & marketing support

✔ Priority support on the issues specifically relevant to your country

✔ A large network of florist colleagues, sharing friendship, experiences and best practices

✔ A significant discount on participation in our world-famous Europa Cup & Eurofleurs floristry championships

Florint is able to add value to your florist association, by helping you fulfill your promise to your member florists: to make their business life easier.