florint about International Florist Organisation

‘Florint’ is the International Florist Organisation: the world’s only interest group representing professional florist associations and their florists!

We fight for our florist associations, the members of Florint, on political and economic issues. We defend their interests anywhere we can. And we help them to solve the main challenges that florists face. Challenges that relate to:

✔ Fostering professional craftsmanship

✔ Safeguarding excellent education 

✔ Stimulating smart entrepreneurship

✔ Developing effective marketing strategies

✔ And doing business in a sustainable way…


How do we address these difficult issues? Florint has developed a toolbox of useful instruments and programs that support our members. Tools that help them add value for their members, the florists of the world. 

In other words: Florint helps make business better for floral entrepreneurs. And we do so very successfully!

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