The 2022 French Floristry Champion: Benoît Barbin!

The 2022 French Floristry Champion: Benoît Barbin!

To stimulate the profession’s spirit of excellence and present exceptional floristry to the general public, the National Association for Floral Festivities (ANFF) and the French Federation of Artisan Florists (FFAF) organize the French Florists’ Cup ever since 1970. The 50th edition of this prestigious competition recently took place in Hyères!

The competition brought together nine exceptional candidates from all over France, who competed in 6 tasks spread over two days. The competition’s unique theme was “A 2000-years old submerged city”!

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The jury consisted of 8 ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ (a presitigous French title representing artisanship) and/or former French Champions. It was chaired by Julian Tonnellier (French Champion in 2000 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011).

Together, the eight judges assessed each floral arrangement on its originality, aesthetics, technique and finishing, taking into account the theme and the imposed restrictions. During the two championship days, the candidates had to show creativity and technical prowess as well as endurance.

The joyous champion! – Photo credits: FFAF / Inka – Axel Damamme

Gold Medal: Benoît Barbin (at the center in the cover photo above)

After a competition rich in emotions, Benoît Barbin, 25, florist at the boutique of Monsieur le fleuriste in Paris, won the title of French Floristry Champion.

Silver Medal: Kevin Billard (right)

27 years old (Nice), florist and decorator of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

Bronze Medal: Sylvie Deyris (left)

54 years old (Marseille), florist at the A la Clé des Champs boutique in Marseille (13).

The 6,000 visitors were also asked for their opinion: the public could fill out a ballot and vote for their favourite stand! It was Kevin Billard who obtained the most votes – and won the Prix de la Ville d’Hyères / Audience award with his design in yellow:

The Audience Award winner – Photo credit: Soevents83

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For more photos of the arrangements as well as the winners by task, continue reading on our French member association’s website:

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