The official 100-points system for scoring floristry design

In order to professionalise floristry judging, Florint established a standardised judging system known as the international 100-points system. It was easy to use and transparent, yet fairly sophisticated. It served its purpose well.

Since its launch some 30 years ago, the system was – and still is – constantly being improved upon. Aspiring judges were required to follow some courses to get acquainted with the methodology, and thereafter were included in Florint’s list of official European floristry judges.

A few years ago however, Florint, together with Flornet and other industry partners, decided to further improve upon this system. What came out of this initiative and the two-year project that followed it, was the Judges Certification (‘JudgCert’) system: the new instruction method Florint promotes, which replaces the old judging courses.

This new system remains based upon the 100-points evaluating system, however, knowledge of which therefore remains vital to becoming a judge. Read more about Florint’s Floristry Design Judging System here!