Florint, the International Florist Organisation…

Florint is a non-profit interest group that represents and supports the florist associations of the world: our members. We successfully improve the business life of floral entrepreneurs, and help nurture the flower industry!

 Do you work for a florist association..?

Do you work for a florist association..?

Then benefit from joining our global family of florists!
22 florist associations already profit from our support programs:

 Does your business serve florists..?

Does your business serve florists..?

Then benefit from becoming a partner of Florint!
We are in a unique position to put your added value in the spotlight:

How We Add Value:

Offering Entrepreneurship & Marketing support
Fostering Craftsmanship and professionalism
Safeguarding formal Education in floristry
Stimulating <strong>Sustainability </strong>in our business practices
Stimulating Sustainability in our business practices

Who We Work With

Our Reach:

The Florint family has members in 22 countries around the globe. We represent an estimated 100.000+ florists and up to 350.000 people working in flower shops, with more than €15 Billion in collective turnover!

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