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These are the 4 most important takeaways from Florint’s 2018 General Assembly…


At the beginning of November, Florint held its annual General Assembly and Florist Conference with its members in Poland. A new President was elected for International Florist Organisation, and our vision and plans for the coming years were clarified. To learn more about the important matters that were discussed and decided, read on!


1. We say goodbye to our dear Mark Ward

Mark Ward, the President of Florint, opened the General Assembly (GA) in the morning of Saturday, November 3. He welcomed many representatives from Florint’s 20+ member countries, knowing it would be his last time doing so. 2018 marks the end of his second and final term as President of Florint, so he would be resigning his position today!

mark gift

All the attending members recognised Mark for his devotion over the years. He was presented with a luxurious set of crystal glassware and the official title of Honorary Member of Florint, as thanks for all his efforts.
His departure leaves a vacancy on the Direction Committee (Executive Board) of Florint. As is customary, our member organisations were given the opportunity to nominate someone for this position prior to the assembly.


2. A new President, but a familiar face

The candidacy of Simon Ogrizek, put forth by his home country Slovenia, received tremendous support from all of Florint’s members. He has been very actively involved in the organisation for many years, and had been a member of the Board in earlier years as well.

Over the last few years, he functioned as a valued advisor to both the Direction Committee and the President. He now returns to the Florint Board and, after a short discussion, was presented as its new President by the other sitting members!

simon president

3. More organisational developments

Other important changes were announced too. Various responsibilities that relate to the management of International Florist Organisation have been re-divided among the members of the Direction Committee. And a number of deep collaborations are being developed with important partners in the sector. These relationships will help us create added value, and more effective instruments, for our member organisations in the coming years.

Florint is also setting up two Strategy Committees to help with policy development, on two issues that are vital to florists: Entrepreneurship & Marketing, and Craftsmanship & Education. Experts from our national member associations will staff these committees, to stimulate the organisation’s bottom-up decision-making.

4. Reports on ongoing projects

Florint’s multi-year KA2 florist education project is coming to an end. Project manager Mike Bourguignon explained the developments in this final period, and the latest achievements. The KA2 Project is a venture together with Flornet, which aims for a modernized and standardized floristry curriculum for schools throughout Europe. It has been funded under the EU’s Erasmus+ program.

Lastly, the certification system for professional floristry judges that has been established by Florint over the last 6 years was discussed. More and more of our national members have been organizing ‘Judges Certification’ courses and assessments, and the list of accredited judges is growing. We are very happy to see this.

For 2019, we are looking at a national ‘JudgCert’ assessment in Russia and an international, advanced-level assessment in the autumn (in a to-be-determined country). Also, FTD is partnering with Florint for the World Cup 2019 judging process: our Jury President Thomas Ratschker will be chairman of the jury there! You can read more about that here.

The photos in this article come courtesy of Jens Poulsen and Marcin Chruściel: thank you!


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