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The Croatian Florist Championship 2019 livens up an ancient fortress in Split

croatian cup

Five Croatian florists competed in the country’s national floral design championship this year, which was organized at the historic Diocletian’s Palace in the centre of the city of Split. The contest was a close one, but won in the end by competitor Suzana Loniak!


The championship was held in a phenomenal place: the historic Diocletian’s Palace, built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD. It drew a lot of visitors as a result, who got to see the professional florists at work: excellent advertisement for the profession and flower sector!

Veteran Croat florist Suzana Lonjak triumphed in the championship, to her surprise and tremendous joy. She is crowned the official Croatian Florist Champion 2019 – and will go on to represent the country at the Europa Cup – European Florist Championship 2020 in Poland. Congratulations!

The event was organised and sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Arts and Crafts (Hrvatska obrtnička komora – HOK). The “Florist Section” of the Chamber represents the professional florist in Croatia, and has been a valued member of International Florist Organisation Florint for a long time.

The Direction Committee of International Florist Organisation used the occasion to get together in Croatia, for strategic discussions as well as a conference with our local member association and their florists. Florint President Simon Ogrizek and Vice-President Heinrich Göllner were also involved in the judging of the contest.

Long-time fans of International Florist Organisation may remember the beautiful Diocletian’s Palace in Split from a few years ago: our EUROFLEURS Cup – the European Championship for Young Florists – was held there in 2013 as well.

Additional photos and video from the competition are available on Florint’s Facebook Fan Page, see here for example.

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