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Spring jitters at the Green Trade Center in Aalsmeer!


Spring has only just officially started, but the Waterdrinker Green Trade Center has already kicked it off during the ‘GTC Days’ from 10-15 March. An event that is repeated three times a year at moments that are important for the sector, such as during a change of season.


This edition was all about the start of Spring, with a corresponding assortment. The Waterdrinker buyers arranged 21 unique GTC Deals; there were many special products in the Spotlight, 12 different Meet & Greets took place, and the rest of the GTC was simply filled to the brim with bustling trade. The fact that customers are ready for the season and thought it worthwhile to come to Aalsmeer this week was apparent from the large number of international customers. Many full carts were pulled out at the GTC.


Some highlights:


– The Meet & Greet with Gova, producer of the Larus nobilis. In particular, their research into “No Waste” options, which has resulted in a line of care products based on Laurel, including soap and perfume, was an interesting story for many of our customers. That Laurel ice cream was distributed was a nice bonus..! (see the photo).

– The launch of a new sales concept in collaboration with Cameleon Orchids, with which all those special Orchids that can be found in the GTC will become more famous and loved. For example, by offering smaller numbers and a consumer website where information about all products can be found.

– The GTC Days prize wheel, for which breeders and Resto Around the Clock have sponsored more than 200 prizes. Every day, customers were allowed to try their luck with a spin of the wheel. The large green plants were clearly the favourites!

In the coming months we will, just like our customers, fully focus on the season and all the great sales moments that go with it. Both in the GTC and in our webshop we will feature the most beautiful flowers, plants and accessories.

Thereafter we will prepare for the next GTC Days from 8 – 13 September, where we will do everything possible to give our customers an inspiring start to the next season; the fall. But for now, we are enjoying the spring and wish everyone a very successful spring season!


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