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Smithers-Oasis: strategic partner of Florint for the long term

oasis florint

Smithers-Oasis (OASIS® Floral- and Floralife® products) and Florint, the International Florist Organisation, have reaffirmed their long-standing cooperation for 2019 and beyond. The well-known producer of floral products has been an ally of the professional florist for decades, supporting Florint and the national florist associations of Europe, as well as helping to realize Florint’s European Florist Championships: the Europa Cup and Eurofleurs.


As two key players in the floriculture industry, Florint and Smithers-Oasis have been working together for a great many years. But as of 2019, the strategic partnership between the two organisations has been raised to an even higher level. The new cooperation was formalized with a contract, signed during Florint’s recent General Assembly in Poland.

It specifies how Smithers-Oasis and International Florist Organisation will endeavour to strengthen the market position of the professional florist in the coming years: a goal that both organisations share. Other goals include raising awareness among florists of the need for proper product care, quality control and effective business management.

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Florint is emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial and marketing skills for flower business owners, as part of its strategic agenda for the coming years. This is a field where the experts of Smithers-Oasis are able to make significant contributions as well.

Aside from offering financial assistance, which is highly relevant for a non-profit florist association dependent on member contributions, Smithers-Oasis has thus also been consulting in the field of policy.

Florint, the International Florist Organisation, is the umbrella organisation for professional florist associations worldwide. 22 national florist associations are members of Florint, with China joining in 2018 and a sector representative for Latin America set to join later in 2019.

Smithers-Oasis, founded in 1954 in Ohio, is the inventor and world’s leading producer of OASIS® Floral Foam products for cut, silk and dried flowers. The global brands are OASIS® Floral Products, OASIS® Grower Solutions and Floralife®.

Cover photo: Marco Maasse, Florint Board member and Director of Dutch florist association VBW, and Eduard Kremer, Vice President of Smithers-Oasis Central and Eastern European Operations, signing the new contract



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