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Renowned Dutch green sector partnership signs up with Florint as platinum member!

An innovative partnership of five horticulture sector experts has joined International Florist Organisation Florint as a platinum member this month: Green Team Consultancy+. The cooperative is based in The Netherlands and helps companies in the green sector realise greater operational success, especially in today’s complex, shifting market. An aim Florint can most certainly relate to!



Why is Green Team Consultancy joining the Florint family?

green team

The members of the Green Team cooperative share Florint’s stated goal of a further professionalization of the flower industry. Their sector activities overlap significantly with the domains in which International Florist Organisation is involved.


“Continuously strengthening the position of the florist will ensure that florist skills and craftsmanship are being kept at an expert level. Being a part of Florint enables us to keep up to date with developments, share our experience and be a part of this important process!“, Marcel Groen explains Green Team Consultancy+’s reasoning.

Florint’s Communication Manager, Jonas Zwitserlood, remarks: “We’re excited to have a group of professionals like GTC+’s team decide to officially come on board with Florint. It’s a pleasure to work with highly capable people on behalf of the florist trade. We’ve already done some great things together, and that only makes us eager to see what more we can achieve in the future.”

What projects will the cooperation with Florint focus on?

Green Team Consultancy+ is the driving force behind the creation of IFTF World of Flowers: an extravaganza for florists, traders and producers at the annual International Floriculture and horticulture Trade Fair. Some of Florint’s other member organizations are involved in World of Flowers as well. This type of event management, including the organization of floral design championships, is one area where there is a clear rationale for working even more closely together.

World of Flowers 2016

More generally, Green Team Consultancy+’s many years of experience and sector expertise will also prove invaluable when it comes to the realization of some of the other key aims of International Florist Organisation Florint.

About International Florist Organisation

International Florist Organisation Florint is an umbrella organization fostering the development and prosperity of the flower sector. We organize and politically represent florist associations in 20+ countries – our valued members, and work together with many key sector companies to defend the strategic interests of the floral retail industry worldwide.

Do you share our goals as well? The sector can really use your active involvement, get in touch with us!




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