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September brings Eurofleurs 2017: the spectacular 4-yearly European Championship for Young Florists!


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The Royal Union of Belgian Florists proudly welcomes Eurofleurs 2017, the European Championship for florists under 25 years of age, to the city of Sint-Truiden! From September 15 to 17, this inspiring celebration of young floral arrangement talent will entertain flower fans of all kinds.

Eurofleurs 2017

You too are invited to attend Eurofleurs 2017, to see the continent’s best young florists perform at their peak! The European Championship for Young Florists will take place in Sint-Truiden, in the Northeast of Belgium (In French the town is called Saint-Trond). The contest is being organized by International Florist Organisation’s Belgian member association: the Royal Union of Belgian Florists (shortened to KUFB in Dutch and URFB in the French language).

About the Eurofleurs competition

Since 1998, Florint organizes the European Championship for Young Florists – also known as Eurofleurs. The competition helps to compare the technical skills of young floral designers from various countries, and stimulates the creativity of all those involved. It provides these young floral artists with the opportunity to take their first steps on an international stage, preparing them for bigger things down the line. Plus, the championship promotes the flower industry and floral arts to the international public.

As a general rule, the European Championship for Young Florists takes place every 4 years. The latest edition was in 2013 in Split, in Croatia. Norway’s very young competitor Elin Susan Havreberg claimed a surprise victory there. We look forward to seeing who will surprise us this time around!

Participation in Eurofleurs

One young florist (up to the age of 25) from each of Florint’s member countries is allowed to take part in Eurofleurs. The contestants are nominated by the national florist associations that are members of Florint. These associations usually organize a championship locally, to decide which young florist will get to represent their country. In very exceptional cases florists from non-member countries may also be permitted to take part.

More good reasons to visit Belgium

Do you share the ‘passion for flowers’? The world famous floral art event Fleuramour always takes place in Bilzen in Belgium, around the third week of September! As if you needed another good reason to visit..!
Cover photo: Eurofleurs 2013, in Split. Courtesy of Jens Poulsen Photography.


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