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Meet the 4 industry organisations that are becoming official partners of Florint..!


The list of important sector organisations working together with International Florist Organisation Florint to realize our ambitious goals is growing fast. Today, we would like to gladly welcome four new, esteemed partners: the Floral Trade Group, Fleur Creatif, Aleia Roses & the Flower Council of Holland!


While Florint is active in many fields, all of our activities have one underlying aim: greater prosperity for retail florists and the flower industry. That often requires further professionalization on everybody’s part, and this is exactly what our new partners excel at:

The Flower Council of Holland is the organization responsible for the promotion of flowers and plants to European consumers. And they do it very well: they manage to keep flowers on the mind of consumers constantly, through clever modern-day publicity campaigns. You have surely seen some!

Fleur Creatif is, likewise, an organisation that should require no introduction. This Belgian company is one of the most renowned floristry publishers in the world, responsible for gorgeous magazines as well as some of the most impressive floral art events, like the annual Fleuramour! If you have never been there, it’s time to put it on your bucket list right now…

Floral Trade Group is the new name under which the renowned Van Der Plas group operates. Founded back in the Sixties, the Dutch group is a full-range supplier offering an immense assortment of cut flowers, cut greenery, plants and decorative items. And they take proper, personal service very seriously.

Aleia Roses is, last but not least, a newcomer on the rose production scene – but a company with tremendous ambitions and a deep understanding of the importance of environmental and social sustainability. They have erected a vast, state-of-the-art greenhouse in Spain and aim to provide the world with the highest quality Red Naomi roses ever seen!

What are the benefits of joining the Florint family?

There are many. However, the main reason companies decide to partner with Florint is because they share our values, and our vision of a flourishing flower sector. And they want to work with us to make that vision a reality.


When you become a member of Florint you can – depending on your exact wishes and the way in which your business activities overlap with those of Florint – for example:
– Take part in our regular Industry Working Group: a round table discussion with many of the most important stakeholders in the sector

– Profit from access to our unique communication channels: including our newsletters, online press platform, and one of the world’s largest floristry communities on Facebook – with close to half a million members.
– Benefit from our close contacts with twenty florist associations and their hundred thousand member flower shops, as well as more than a hundred green sector journalists.

About International Florist Organisation

Ever since 1956, International Florist Organisation Florint is an umbrella organization fostering the professionalization and prosperity of the flower sector. We do this through various long-term projects, such as lobbying the EU, improving floristry education, facilitating good floral design championships and judging, and much more.

We help organize and politically represent florist associations in 20+ countries – our valued members – and work together with many key sector companies to defend the strategic interests of the floral retail industry worldwide.

Do you share our goals as well? In these challenging times, the sector can really use your active involvement: get in touch with us!




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