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Karin Pasman wins the Wim Hazelaar trophy 2016 at IFTF


On Thursday November 3 at the IFTF World of Flowers, Karin Pasman received the prestigious Wim Hazelaar trophy. Karin showed herself totally surprised and very proud of her triumph. She can now cherish the Mobach Ceramics vase trophy for a full year. Karin also received a check of € 250,- from the hands of Chris Martens (of Smithers-Oasis Benelux), and designer Joan Stam offered her a demonstration through the online channel of BloomTube. Florists Dennis Lanzaat and Joyce Brueren came in second and third place.



Jury chairman Johan Licher was enthusiastic about the participants. The total scores of the numbers 1, 2 and 3 were very close to each other. Lovely arrangements were made and he particularly encouraged the young participants to continue to participate in competitions. After all, by competing in these events one will improve himself, his work and his quality as a florist or arranger.

Besides Johan Licher, the jury consisted of Johan Martens, Jan van der Heyden and Herco van Loon. Herco van Loon previously won the Wim Hazelaar trophy in 2014.

Organizer Ruud Hazelaar was very pleased about this edition of the Wim Hazelaar trophy. The participants were a mixed group that marched together during the two days. They worked hard on the given assignments and made beautiful pieces: an Advent wreath and an Oasis heart.

They also had to make a piece with the hazelaar (Corylus). The participants were able to use the sponsored materials from Adomex, Marginpar, Queens Flower and Your Lily.

The IFTF fair with its international audience was a great opportunity to organize this competition. Many visitors have visited the location of the participants in Hall C and had a conversation with one or more participants. Ruud looks forward to organize again such a creative and inspiring competition once more.

More information about the contest and IFTF World of Flowers can be found at: www.greenteamconsultancy.com/world-of-flowers

Photography courtesy of Peter van Delft.



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