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Is Flowerbook becoming the must-have tool for all floral professionals?

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In October 2014 Flowerbook launched the world’s first app that offers an insight into the assortment of cut flowers that is available in the industry. In the almost 3 years since, the company has kept improving itself and established a solid and growing user base. However, as always in this industry, the work is never done.


The app: helpful and accurate

The app is focused on providing correct information about all its listed products, a difficult task. “We work together with breeders, growers, exporters and florists so we can improve the accuracy of our database”, mentions Robin Hesselberth co-founder of Flowerbook. “We are open to working with any party that can help us improve the assortment in our application”.


What does the app offer, exactly? Around 7000 products are sorted by product (sub-)group. All flowers have their own product page: these pages have all the info on it that you might need. That includes a high-quality photo, availability, care tips and, if the grower applied, where to buy these flowers.

As a user of the app, you are able to search the database in various ways. First of all, there is the search bar. Here, you can find flowers based on your input. It works just like any search bar that you are familiar with. Furthermore, the flowers are also sorted out by product groups. You are able to scroll or search through these groups to find whatever you’re looking for.

If you already know exactly what you are looking for but just want to check the availability, then there is the “availability calendar”. You can select a month and find all flowers that are available in that period. To make it extra easy you can also search within this list of results.

Have you ever struggled with finding the right flower to bring the ideal colour to your design? As of now, that struggle belongs to the past! Flowerbook has developed the highly useful ‘colour picker’ (click here to see it in action!), where colours are matched to flowers by means of the smartphone’s camera. Additional to the colour-picker is a colour palette function, where you can pick a colour manually and find flowers that match it.

Once you have found what you’re looking for, you can easily save the flower as a favourite or share it with your supplier or client. In short, you will always have a good and accurate database of flowers in your pocket!

Care tips

For every product group, there is a specific set of care tips included. The company developed this with partner Chrysal, the well-known care experts. They provide Flowerbook’s users with care tips about the flowers right in the app! With their valuable suggestions, users are able to get the best out of their flowers.

Exponential growth in varieties

More and more growers are differentiating themselves by producing more varieties in smaller volumes. This makes it difficult to keep up with availability and what varieties there are in the market. This is where Flowerbook comes in: “We want to be the platform that is the standard for product introductions and new varieties. Imagine all the money and paper spent on flyers, leaflets and assortment books, both by the producers and the wholesalers. This can all be reduced tremendously by using the app”.

Additionally, users will be informed about new varieties through push notifications, social media and emails, and there is even a chat function to directly send a message to growers. So, with Flowerbook on your phone, you will always be up to date!

What’s next?

Besides the mobile applications for iOS and Android, the company is developing their webapp. After all, you may want to access Flowerbook at a time when you can’t use your smartphone. That’s why they chose to develop a desktop version of Flowerbook. It also gives the company the possibility to offer more than just a catalogue. The website will also feature a news blog with floral news focused on new varieties, breeders, growers and other relevant industry news.

Where to find Flowerbook?

Put it to the test, download the app and see for yourself if you like the application!

You can find Flowerbook in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and download the app there in just a few seconds. Probably the best thing about it, it is completely free!

You can also find Flowerbook on Instagram and Facebook: be sure to follow the company and stay up to date on the latest news around this unique project!


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