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Inside Dillewijn Zwapak’s new sustainable head office…


Florint partner Dillewijn Zwapak has erected a new, state-of-the-art office building in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. We visited the company – known for decades for its quality floristry products and packaging solutions – and were impressed by the stylish showroom and sustainable technology underpinning the building.



All the latest in technology and design has been incorporated into the company’s new headquarters. Light pervades the building and an openness characterizes the workspaces, as well as the impeccable showroom built up around the large lobby. Energy consumption has been minimized and solar panels line the roof, providing more than enough power for all the equipment inside.

And plenty of equipment that is, as up to a hundred employees may be working in the office on any given day. There is also a complete in-house design studio; facilities for 2d and 3d printing, and even a small lab for testing Vaselife – cut flower food – and the like.

Automation and robotization fuel the efficiency of the building’s hypermodern warehouse, at the ground floor. A good part of the distribution no longer requires human hands, in fact, making the order process very safe and efficient. The company’s customers benefit.

The choice for high-tech sustainable building solutions did not come out of the blue. Dillewijn Zwapak has been innovating in that field for years, ‘greening’ their supply chains by using less and less plastic.


Aside from being FSC certified, the company is also PEFC certified as of this year: a label reserved for those select companies that are committed to sustainable forest management.

“The joint responsibility for a better living environment is one which we readily promote to our customers’, Managing Director Mark de Krosse fittingly states.

The new location is around the corner from FloraHolland Aalsmeer and Greenparc, and well worth visiting as a florist. The address is:

De Loetenweg 2
1187 WB Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0) 88 7354111


If you won’t be able to visit anytime soon, You can click here to have a look at their state-of-the-art webshop instead.



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