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Heart for the florist: the Barendsen approach…

barendsen cover

One of the first companies to become a strategic partner of Florint was Barendsen Aalsmeer. A deep appreciation for the professional florist underlies our long-term partnership.


As an organisation, Barendsen goes back even further than FLORINT: more than 100 years! The company built up an excellent reputation over those many decades, for quality products as well as personal, customised service. More than anything else, passion for flowers has been its business philosophy. And passion, as you probably know, can express itself in unexpected ways…

tiny flower boat barendsen

The company erected a small greenhouse on the roof of its headquarters, for example. And designed and built a ‘Tiny Flower Boat’ that tours the waterways of home country The Netherlands: now that is eye-catching flower promotion!

Behind the scenes, they have been no less innovative. The opportunities of social media were recognised early on, for one. Not just in business communication, but also in personally connecting with your customers.

That forward-thinking approach to entrepreneurship is in the blood of Jan de Boer, the owner of Barendsen. The industry knows him as a man of bold ideas, with an outspoken voice and a big heart. “When you give the right kind of attention to people, and do not push them to become someone they cannot be, people flourish and show their true colours. The same applies to the flowers. Let them grow naturally…”


He sometimes mentions one of his favourite flowers, the Celosia, as a great symbol for what makes Barendsen tick: colourful, unconventional and deeply passionate.

“We want to turn interested buyers into genuine ambassadors of the flower industry. By providing them with pure and honest products. Of a quality level that makes consumers come back for more, because they are so satisfied with what they bring home,” explains Jan.

“Our industry has so much to offer! At Barendsen we want to show this passion every single day, to anyone who is interested…”

Florists and other flower lovers can come and visit Barendsen in Aalsmeer, or get in touch via:

www.barendsen.nl or



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