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Grandparent’s Day joins forces with Fairtrade, for a sustainable future

grandparents day

In ‘greying’ Europe, an increasing number of elderly people experience feelings of loneliness and being cut off from society. Grandparent’s Day aims to strengthen the bonds between the different generations and, thereby, prevent people from feeling isolated in later life. Flowers can help in bringing these age groups together. Fairtrade flowers to be precise, as the initiative to recognise the contribution of grandparents in our lives has teamed up with the Fairtrade organisation!


When you hear the word Fairtrade, what comes to mind? The label, at its core, stands for fair wages and sustainable production. This fits perfectly with the message of Grandparent’s Day, as grandparents generally care deeply about protecting the planet for future generations.

By joining forces, Grandparent’s Day and Fairtrade aim to connect all the different age groups in Europe with sustainably grown ornamentals that also help to create fair working conditions for employees at flower farms.

In most of Europe, the day of the grandparents is celebrated in October. The exact date varies between countries. This year Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on 2 October (Italy and Spain), 6 October (UK and Netherlands) and 13 October (Germany and Austria).

Plants and flowers have become the symbol of Grandparents Day, because they grow and bloom just like grandchildren and have tremendous power to transmit emotion and affection.

In the Netherlands, Grandparents Day will also be part of an educational ‘green’ program for elementary schools: “groen–doen-in-de-klas” (‘Doing Green in the Classroom’).

Cover photo, left to right: Melanie Durr, global product manager Fairtrade Flowers, Jennifer Roth, supply chain manager flowers & plants Fairtrade Germany, Marcel Rutten, key account manager flowers & plants Fairtrade Germany, Charles Lansdorp, president Felini Foundation and driving force behind Grandparent’s Day.



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