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Business Resource Centre


Florint’s Business Resource Centre offers you insightful articles on how to help you run your flower business more effectively. You can download them effortlessly, to read whenever you have the time. The topics range from financial to technological to organisational challenges: issues which many florists turn out to have similar questions about. We can learn a whole lot from each other’s experiences – and established best practices!

Today’s topic: In this age of social media, customer care is everything!


Superlative service is the new normal: faster, smarter, smoother. Can you deliver?!


florist business tips


The insightful article included in the Society of American Florists’ “Floral Management’ publication is suggested reading for anybody involved with a flower shop! Access to the Floral Management magazine normally requires a paid subscription, but we have struck a special deal with SAF so that you can download and read this article for free.

Please click here to download the article to your device, to read at your leisure (the PDF document will open in a new browser tab). If you cannot seem to download the document, please click the refresh button. If it does download but nonetheless will not open, please download and install the required Adobe Reader or a similar pdf document viewer.


To have a look at the entire current issue of ‘Floral Management’ magazine, please click the cover below. Note: you will be able to read the first few pages and have a look at this edition’s index to get a feel for the publication, but to read all of its content you will be prompted to register with the Society of American Florists (which is not a bad idea, their subscriptions offer a lot of value!).

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