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Florists, take note of Grandparents Day: a wonderful occasion to appreciate the older generation and promote flowers


Are you already familiar with Grandparents’ Day..? This special holiday helps to bring the generations together, using flowers and plants as a medium of communication. It is celebrated in various countries, usually in October, with official recognition in some. Florists would do well to capitalise on the symbolic moment.


On Grandparents’ Day, children are encouraged to honour their grandparents and pay them special attention. Plants and flowers have become a key symbol of the day because they grow and bloom – similar to the way grandparents see their grandchildren grow up.

Moreover, as florists know all too well, flowers have the power to transmit emotions of affection highly effectively. This makes them the perfect gift for grandchildren to present to their elder family members. They stimulate the dialogue among generations, plus bring the younger generation closer to nature.

In recent years, loneliness among the elderly has increasingly become an issue in many countries. The idea behind Grandparents’ Day also ties in well with finding solutions to this dilemma.

Florists would do well to pay attention to the day of the grandparents. Although still a bit under the radar, it offers an interesting promotional angle for flowers and plants. A clever sign outside of your shop could really help boost your sales.

grandparents day

Which Day is Grandparents’ Day..?


Grandparents’ Day is celebrated in October in most European countries. The exact date varies between countries, however. In the United States, Grandparents” Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day.

‘Festa dei Nonni’, the original Grandparents’ Day, is celebrated on the 2nd of October in Italy: the day of the Guardian Angels, according to the Catholic calendar. Spain, Slovenia and Croatia also celebrate the symbolic day on October 2.

In the Netherlands, it falls on the first Sunday of October. In the UK and Ireland, grandparents are put in the spotlight on October 6 this year. Germany has gone with the second Sunday in October, while in Russia, lastly, it is celebrated on October 28.

Grandparents’ Day receives significant support from various parties in the international ornamental horticulture sector, including Florint. In Italy and the Netherlands, especially, the event grows bigger every year. This is primarily thanks to the hard work of the Felini Foundation.



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