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Florists kept asking for Harvest Date on flowers. Now, their wish is being granted!

harvest date gfresh cover


Should we include an official harvest date on cut flowers? It’s an issue that has been discussed at length for a while now in our sector. A large majority of florists is in favour of the idea, surveys seem to indicate. And, as of this week, the issue has suddenly gone from abstract discussion to concrete reality: Dutch flower producer consortium G-Fresh is adding a harvest date to their flowers’ auction packing!


A brief announcement on the G-Fresh website reads: “In many recent publications we could read again the strong wish of the florists to know the harvesting date. Every day MPS-certified growers publish on www.g-fresh.nl what they harvest the next day and the price they need. Every day more than 1000 items!”


The announcement is accompanied by a photo of an auction packaging from one of the company’s affiliated growers, Van der Lugt Lisianthus, which illustrates the change (note the arrow):


harvest date flowers


Taking sustainability seriously


G-Fresh works with growers that are MPS-certified, meaning they produce qualitative cut flowers while also taking social, economic and environmental issues very seriously.


As International Florist Organisation believes sustainability to be a truly vital issue, the MPS organisation – green sector sustainability certification experts – is a long-standing partner and member of Florint. Read more about them by clicking here.


What is G-Fresh..?


G-Fresh (short for Greenhouse Fresh) is a group of leading Dutch cut flower producers that prides itself on the directness of its business. High-quality flowers are ordered straight from the greenhouse, and the logistics chain that gets them to the client is kept as short as possible.
In case you’re intrigued, the video below explains their mission and approach in more detail:


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