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Eurofleurs 2017: the Tasks & Regulations are here!

eurofleurs 2017 new 15-18 Sep


Come mid-September, Europe’s most talented young florists will descend on Belgium. The occasion? Eurofleurs, the exciting European Championship for junior florists, which will be held in the city of Sint-Truiden. And, as of today, the official rulebook that the enthusiastic young floral designers will have to play by is available!

Eurofleurs 2017 regulations and judging

Organising professional floral design championships is one of the pillars of International Florist Organisation’s activities, so we have established regulations that we use as a basis for all our competitions. They apply to our European Cups as well as any other contests that are organised under the auspices of Florint.

Details of these general guidelines are modified for each individual competition. Please click here to download the official Competition Regulations that will be in force during Eurofleurs 2017 in St. Truiden, Belgium. The document also includes the task descriptions: the details of the challenging assignments that the competing young florists will have to fulfil!

The assessment of all the floral arrangements created for the Eurofleurs 2017 championship will be done by a team of expert European floristry judges, led by jury president Thomas Ratschker.

All the involved judges are professional florists that have successfully taken part in the Judges Certification system developed by Florint. For more information about our accreditation scheme and internationally acclaimed ‘100-points judging system’, please click here.

Location & Dates

Everybody with a love for flowers and floral arrangement is invited to visit Eurofleurs 2017 and see the continent’s future star florists be born! The European Championship for Young Florists will be open to the public on September 17 & 18 at the ‘Minderbroederssite’, a monumental 13th-century monastery site in Sint-Truiden, in Belgium’s northeast. (Note: famous flower spectacle Fleuramour also takes place in Belgium a week later, so we suggest you make an inspiring floral holiday out of it!)

Participation in Eurofleurs

One young florist from each of Florint’s member countries is allowed to take part in Eurofleurs. The contestants are nominated by our member organisations: the national florist associations. Generally speaking, these associations organise a championship locally, to decide which young florist will get to represent their country in the European championship.

The Eurofleurs 2017 organisers

The organising of the Eurofleurs 2017 championship is in the capable hands of Florint’s member association from Belgium, the Royal Union of Belgian Florists (KUFB/URFB), and their organising committee. International Florist Organisation Florint oversees the proceedings.

Keeping up to date…

The easiest way to be notified of announcements about Eurofleurs 2017 is to subscribe to Florint’s monthly newsletter, which you can do here: http://www.florint.org/about-us/newsletters

You can also follow the Eurofleurs 2017 event on Facebook, click: https://www.facebook.com/events/348749065506460/

The official Eurofleurs 2017 website is in the process of being finalised. You will soon be able to find all the relevant information about the championship at: www.eurofleurs2017.com

About the Eurofleurs competition

Florint organises the European Championship for Young Florists since 1998, roughly every 4 years. The competition is second in importance only to our famous Europa Cup championship, for senior florists, which also takes place every 4 years. The two championships alternate: one of the two is organised about every 2 years.

Eurofleurs helps compare the abilities of young florists from all over Europe and, through friendly rivalry, stimulates their professional creativity immensely. It also allows them to take their first steps on an international stage, which helps to broaden horizons. Many of the involved florists go on to become internationally acclaimed designers and demonstrators: a testament to the importance of championships like these.
Of course, the European floristry championships also promote the flower sector and floral arts to the international public, something Florint considers very important as well!



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