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Early history European AD/BA/MA Floral Design

An initial education-related project we undertook in 1998 was the development of the “European Master in Floral Design (EMFD)“: top-level vocational training, funding for which was granted by the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci fund. This project, completed in 2001, resulted in the first European floristry Master’s course and Master’s degree (note: Master in the vocational, not the academic MA/MSc sense).

After the development and piloting completed, this EMFD course was implemented once (in 2001 and 2002) with a group of 15 students from 3 countries (Netherlands, Germany & Finland). It was evaluated very positively by both the students and external observers. Nevertheless a follow up couldn’t take place, as the project got side-lined due to bureaucracy, time and budget constraints.

Two novel developments later provided new perspective to the European Degree in Floral Design, however:

    1. 1.) An existing international network of floristry training institutes (Flornet) successfully developed 9 different modules in 9 different schools/competence centers. These modules are shorter (10-12 days) and the schools also use the Leonardo exchange fund to reduce the involved costs.
    2. 2.) Stoas Highschool (Den Bosch, The Netherlands) in cooperation with Dutch Florist Association VBW successfully experimented with an Associate Degree in “Education and Knowledge Management Floral Art”.


    Inspired by those developments, Florint sought to match the competences developed in the Flornet modules with the updated competence profile of the EMFD – which showed considerable overlap. It soon became apparent that our two organizations also share the same vision: helping countries build up their floristry education systems, by improving knowledge exchange and strengthening the link between education and industry.

    The ensuing collaboration resulted in the establishment of a permanent dialogue/consultation structure between the industry organizations (via Florint) and the educational institutes (via Flornet). This platform has now officially been institutionalized as the ‘European Platform for Education and Industry in Floristry’. And that brings us to recent times, and the rebirth of the EMFD with which we started this section!

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