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Education Policy


Well-educated employees and entrepreneurs are among the cornerstones of a successful business, which is why Florint has had a strong focus on vocational training since its inception.


In the late 1990’s, an inquiry into the status of floristry-related vocational education in various European countries was undertaken by International Florist Organization Florint – to function as the foundation for our education policy.

The concluding report clearly illustrated the successes and similarities between countries, but also highlighted various differences and problems. On the basis of those findings we formulated the key idea underlying our official education policy as follows:

Florint aims to put the professional education for florists in a European perspective,
and to put substantial effort into the further development and
harmonization of vocational training.


How we put that policy into practice is described in the various subpages of the Education section of our website:
The Florint / Flornet section describes in detail the floristry education platform which Florint has recently created in collaboration with Flornet.

The Qualification Framework section provides an overview in table form of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF): a helpful standardization system that shows you how the different levels of the (floristry) education system of one European country translate to that of other countries.

Lastly, the European Bachelor and Masters Degree page provides an elaborate description, and history, of the European Advanced Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Floral Design: a top-level floristry vocational training program which Florint has been involved in developing.

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