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Decorating Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City…

easter flowers

Every year, floral designer Paul Deckers, together with his team of 25 people, has the honour of arranging the decoration of the Easter Mass and the Balcony of the Pope in Vatican City.


Of course, there is much more to this than just decorating. Months of preparation precede this annual tradition. This thorough preparation is also necessary because there is very little time to do so in Rome.

All materials are transported from the Netherlands. Various growers sponsor flowers, including this year’s eye-catcher, the Strelitzia. Smithers-Oasis also contributed. This year, a total of 350 OASIS® Floral Foam bricks and 60 OASIS® Florettes have been brought along together with FLORALIFE® Flower Nutrition and various tools, such as the OASIS® knives.

On Tuesday, April 16, the transport “#flowers for the pope”, left from Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands. The Bishop of Rotterdam, Hans van den Hende, blessed the flowers in advance for a “safe voyage”. This good-luck ritual happened in the presence of Paul Deckers, the sponsors and some press.

Once they arrived in Rome, the team of 25 started decorating on White Thursday and Good Friday to turn Saint Peter’s Square into a floral spectacle. The completion and final check were on Easter Sunday, early in the morning.

After the Easter weekend, the employees of the Vatican Gardens cleaned everything up. All the plants were planted in the gardens of the Vatican, and the flowers were donated to local hospitals, nursing homes and churches.




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