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Our Competitions and Events


It is no coincidence that many creative industries organize competitions in craftsmanship at the regional, national and international level: these contests are a breeding ground for innovation as people are challenged to explore new techniques, styles, and uses of material. Florint has taken it upon itself to realize such professional competitions for the florist industry.


The spirit of innovation that is sparked through professional competitions is of utmost importance for the survival of businesses, particularly in difficult economic times. Championships are also an important means to promote the craft and the sector to the general public, as well as to youngsters orientating themselves regarding their future profession.

The Europa Cup

Since the founding of Florint in 1956, tremendous effort has therefore been put into the organisation of a European Competition for florists. This ‘Europa Cup’ European Floristry Championship is by now well-established and takes place roughly every four years. The most recent edition was in Havirov, Czech Republic, in 2011, while the upcoming Europa Cup (in Genova, Italy) was initially scheduled for 2015 but has been postponed to 2016. Read more about the details of the European Floristry Championship here.


Just like the Europa Cup, the 4-yearly ‘Eurofleurs’ European Championship for Young Florists has also become a contest that attracts plenty of interest from many European countries, and even beyond. The first Young European Florist Championship took place in Great Britain in January 1998. This first ‘Eurofleurs’ competition was a genuine success from the start, garnering praise from attendants, contestants and the press alike.

Via the editions in Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium, Eurofleurs has now developed into a true European Championship for young florists. The latest incarnation took place in Split (Czech Republic) in 2013 and was a spectacular success as well. You can read much more about Eurofleurs here.

Florint Member’s Congress

For everything about past as well as upcoming editions of International Florist Association’s Member’s Congress, catering to our national member organizations and our close sector associates, please have a look this page: Member’s Congress.

Floral Design Judging and Judges Certification

Looking for information about our official Judges Certification project; the 100-Points Judging System or a list of all the floral design judges that are officially certified to perform the task at competitions, please click here.

Member Competitions

In case you were looking for information on a floral design competition organized by one of our florist member associations, please see this page.

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