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Another Florint National Judges’ Certification completed: this time, in Norway!

judgcert norway

May 12 until 16 was the time period, and beautiful southern Norway was where it all happened. Four happy participants changed status, from candidates to officially certified judges, in the early evening of May 15. The successful ‘JudgCert’ assessment took place in beautiful surroundings and very convenient accommodations at Vea, Norway’s State school for gardeners and horticulturists.


The names of the four newly minted judges are Anne Stine Solberg, Elisabeth Pålsson, Liv Dahl, and Rebecca Ukkelberg. They join over a 100 other officially certified European floral design judges who have successfully completed their assessment. Those assessments are occasionally organized by the national florist associations that are members of Florint, the International Florist Organisation.

florint judgcert norway

The JudgCert assessment committee


The rules of Florint’s Judges Certification system dictate that the candidate judges are overseen by multiple expert tutors during their evaluation. In Norway, the assessment committee consisted of Jørn Inge Løssfelt, Linda Johnsen and Siv Engen Heimdahl.


Supervised by Florint


The entire assessment was under the expert supervision of Thomas Ratschker, the official head of Florint’s judging team. Also present in that capacity was Simon Ogrizek, head of Florint’s member association from Slovenia and adviser and representative for Florint’s Direction Committee (the executive board).

Judges’ education has a long history in Norway

The Norwegians have, and have had for many years, their own judges’ education and certification. The Florint assessment and certification has therefore had a long “pregnancy” there.
Considering the successful results of this assessment – and now with four new ambassadors to help recruit from the country’s pool of excellent candidates – the future looks much brighter. There are, in fact, already talks about a new judges’ certification in 2019!

More information about Florint’s Judging System

Do you want to learn more about Florint’s Judging System, team of judges and Judges’ Certification? Please have a look at this elaborate article: click here.


The 4 former candidate judges are delighted to hear they have passed their exams!



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