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Aleia Máxima: a stunning new premium red rose from Aleia


Florint partner Aleia Roses, the Spanish company specialized in the Red Naomi!® variety, will present the most premium selection of this red rose variety in the European market: “Aleia Máxima”, at the upcoming IPM in Essen, Germany.


Aleia Máxima joins the Reia and Aleia brands, being the most premium rose produced by the company. All of them belong to the Red Naomi!® variety, although their qualities are different. They are grown in the largest greenhouse in Europe of its kind, with no less than 14 hectares, in Garray, Soria.

Aleia Máxima is the result of a team of specialists who have meticulously treated every detail of the rose, to make it possible for the best rose in the world to come to light. This new selection, which is auctioned for the first time on January the 18th at the auction Aalsmeer (Royal Flora Holland), has its own unique identity and is presented in a blue and coral cellophane. Its distinctive feature, in addition to providing maximum quality and careful selection, is to offer a larger flower bud and longer height. Aleia Máxima is available in four stem lengths: 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm.

The cultivation of Aleia Roses is solid and consistent. The constant improvement of the quality over the last months has now allowed the producer to bring this new selection of roses to the market, under the name of “Aleia Máxima”.

Innovation is very important to Aleia Roses and new techniques, such as a spectral camera, are being tested in the greenhouse. This camera can accurately predict the maturity of the roses and cut them at the exact right moment.

Also illustrating the delicate process of cultivation and care of the rose, is the inverted position of the Aleia Máxima (“head down”) during processing – to avoid mechanical damage that occurs when using the normal position.

In addition, and with the aim of ensuring uniformity in height, each rose is classified according to two parameters: the height of the bud and the full height of bud and stem. This feature differentiates us from other companies and allows us to offer perfect bouquets to the consumer.

Aleia Máxima will be exhibited at the most important fair of the horticulture sector, IPM, in Essen, Germany, on January 22, 23, 24 and 25. Aleia Máxima will have a dedicated space inside the stand of Aleia Roses in the area of BGI, the German Association of Wholesale Sale and Flower Trade. There, the attendees will appreciate the beauty of this new rose and discover the novelties of our greenhouse.

The new Aleia Máxima will be available through Royal FloraHolland at the auction of Aalsmeer, starting on January the 18th.

Visit www.aleiaroses.com for more information!




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