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A short history of Florint


Before 2009, International Florist Organisation Florint was named the “European Federation of Professional Florists’ Associations” (FEUPF in short). This federation was founded way back in 1956, in Strasbourg. The founders were a small number of National Florist Associations that worried about the possible risks of the advancing European integration, but simultaneously saw new opportunities for cooperation as well.


Their vision proved to be correct, as nowadays Florint effectively organizes and politically represents the national Florist Associations of more than 20 European countries. Membership applications of various additional other countries, including ones outside of the European region, are currently pending.


FLORINT thus represents a comparatively small but nonetheless very significant part of European industry: about 100.000 European florists together generate an estimated turnover of more than 15 billion Euros. More than 350.000 people earn their living in a flower shop, of which 150.000 are estimated to be paid employees!


Please click the button below to read about the Mission of International Florist Organisation, or use the drop-down menu above (which unfolds when you hover over the ‘about us’ button) to have a look at the various sections of our website.

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