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Becoming a member of Florint


International Florist Organization Florint is an umbrella organisation fostering the development and prosperity of the flower sector. We organize and politically represent florist associations in 20+ countries – our valued members, and work together with many key sector companies to defend the strategic interests of the floral industry worldwide. Therefore, (national) florist associations as well as corporate floriculture industry organizations can become a member of Florint. Various types of membership exist; these are explained below.


Membership for florist associations

Florint has created four different types of membership for florist associations, to suit the exact intentions and interests of the various groups seeking membership:

  1. Gold membership, for the key members: long-standing associations whose commitment is immense and which assure their participation in the European competitions and other activities up front. They pay a slightly higher contribution, which entitles them to more added value, like free entry to all competitions and lower rates or other advantages.

  3. Regular membership, for those national florist associations that don’t always have the means to enter into competitions and other activities and prefer the freedom of choice. They pay a smaller contribution, but pay an entry fee whenever they do take part in competitions and have less other advantages.

  5. Candidate membership, meant for newcomer national florist associations that want some time to get to know the advantages of being affiliated with Florint. They pay an even lower contribution, but need to pay a higher entry fee for competitions and other activities.

  7. Candidate membership non-assoc., primarily for countries where a regular national florist association does not yet exist. It gives an organization like a regional florist association, an Interflora division or a commercial firm access to Florint’s activities, competitions, information and contact with their peers.


You can download a word document with an overview of the differences between the four membership types that Florint recognizes by clicking the following link: Membership types Florint overview.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Membership for corporate floriculture organizations

Corporate florist industry organizations that become partners and members of International Florist Organisation do so because they share our goals of a well-organized, prosperous and future-proof flower industry. They deal with different rights, obligations, advantages and fees – depending on their exact wishes and activities.
Do you care deeply about the professionalization and health of the flower trade? Sometimes worry about what the future may hold? Please get in touch with us now regarding the possibilities for working together!

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