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Florint is active in these fields: florist sector advocacy, promoting floristry education, organizing floral design competitions and the continued professionalization of floristry judging. These four elements are explained in more detail below.

Sector advocacy: lobbying in Brussels

Florint is the representative body of the flower retail trade, recognized as such by the European Commission. Nowadays, florists are increasingly confronted with legislation made in Brussels. It is the goal of Florint to try to positively influence these decisions. We have a network of contacts in the offices of the European Commission and other relevant organisations. We represent the sector in the Advisory Committee Flowers and Plants of DG Agri, and have a seat in the Standing Group on Promotion. Florint also has strategic alliances with other international interest groups, such as flower trade association Union Fleurs.

Floristry education: vocational training & knowledge exchange

Well-educated employees and entrepreneurs are the foundation for success in any business, which is why Florint has had a strong focus on vocational training since its inception. You can read more about our various efforts in this field, such as our collaboration with the FLORNET teaching institutes, our initiative to establish European florist standards and an official qualification scheme, as well as the development of a floristry BA/MA degree, here in our Education section.

Competitions: stimulating innovation and promotion

Competitions in craftsmanship at the regional, national and international level function as a breeding ground for innovation and skill. Participants are challenged to explore new techniques, styles, uses of material, and can learn tremendous amounts in a short period. Contests also bring large groups of floristry professionals together in one place, further amplifying the exchange of expertise and building of long-term relationships.

You can read more about the competitions which Florint organizes (the ‘Europa Cup’ European Florist Championship and ‘Eurofleurs’ European Young Florist Championship), as well as the national floristry championships which our member associations organize, here in our Competitions and Events section.

Floral design judging: assessing the assessors

Florint puts a lot of effort into the improvement of the quality level of floral design competitions. The professionalism of the involved judges is an essential part of that, we feel. We have, therefore, established an effective, standardized judging system and we have, since many years ago, started educating professional floral design assessors. More than 150 florists have already passed the European Judges Course by now, and more are doing so all the time. Florint is, lastly, developing a European certification system based upon the competence profile for a professional international judge. Read more about all this here in our Judges section.


Please click the button below for a list of all of the national florist associations that are members of Florint. Alternatively, use the drop-down menu on the blue bar at the top of this page to have a look at the various sections of our website.


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