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Smithers Oasis


Smithers-Oasis is the leading manufacturer of foam products for the floral and horticulture industries. The company’s innovative roots trace back to 1954 with the invention of water-absorbing foam that revolutionized floral design: OASIS® Brand Floral Foam.


Smithers Oasis

Today, the company proudly serves the floral, home crafter and commercial greenhouse grower markets by offering the most trusted name in foam products. And, with operating units in over 20 countries, the OASIS® brand name has become known around the world for quality and consistency.


The photographs to the side give you an idea of the various uses to which Oasis foam and flower care products can be put. You can click them for more detailed information.

Please click here to open the Oasis/Floralife website in a new window!.