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Aleia Roses


Aleia Roses was launched in 2016, with the aim of making the name Aleia stand for the highest standard of excellence and sustainability in rose production. We have built the most sophisticated greenhouse in the world to grow the Red Naomi!®, the rose par excellence, combining the most innovative Dutch technology with the privileged Spanish climate.




Innovation, respect, passion and beauty are the four founding brand values of this new company. We take our commitment to society and the environment very seriously: we use sustainable sources of heating and energy generation for our greenhouse, reduce co2 emissions as much as possible, and work together with foundation ILUNION to create job opportunities within our company for people with work disabilities.

In a word, we are working to preserve our natural resources, under the principles of sustainability and responsibility, and with the support of a human team that is committed to the project. The video below shows our state-of-the-art production facilities in Spain, please have a look!