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Round 5: "A Hat for Eliza Doolittle"

Europa Cup 2011 – Fifth Assignment: Freestyle Hat Decoration

The fifth task the Europa Cup competitors are faced with comes with just 30 minutes of available time, during which they have to design and create an ornamented hat that would be suitable for Miss Eliza Doolittle – the fictional main character in the world-famous My Fair Lady musical. She will be attending a horse racing event in Ascot and, of course, expects her hat to be easy to wear as well as durable and gorgeous.

The setting for this round differs from that of the other tasks, as all the arrangements will be created on stage during a gala evening in the local community center.  A select set of permitted materials and tools has been provided to the competitors, who are otherwise free as regards shape, style and employed technique. All preparation work had to be carried out directly on the stage as well, with the help of just one personal assistant, as has been customary during the 2011 Europa Cup.

The gold medal in this fifth round decisively went to Swedish professional florist Marc Müller, who convincingly triumphed over his opponents with a total score of 90 – more than 8 points ahead of his nearest competitor. He outdid himself with his pure and elegant hat design, which scored the highest marks of all the contestants on every single dimension. Explaining his approach to floristry, Marc stated: I admire people who keep themselves and their style well, and who reflect something of themselves in their work. It’s the same in music, art and fashion; I like diversity and individuality…”

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Eliza Doolittle’s panel of judges awarded the silver medal to Hungarian candidate Tamas Endre Mezöffy, with specific praise for the technical aspects of his highly original idea and composition. His hat has a more modern look, with a crisp fold in the front and impressively layered rows of alternating green buds and tender white flowers. Grayish straps of curved plant material arch around the back and culminate in a delightful bow in the neck, providing the whole with a genuinely elegant, feminine feel:

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The bronze medal in this round was reserved for Niina Minkkinen from Finland, who scored a 78 with her arrangement, which did the best on the dimensions of composition and color use. Her Eliza impression is quite different from that of the other two prize-winners, suggesting a more playful, airy feel because of the use of a lot of tiny white flowers on stalks, which charmingly point in all directions. When it comes to floral design, her inspiration generally comes from masters such as Gregor Lersch, Jouni Seppänen and Kristen Voreland, she says.

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