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Grandparents Day: United Against Loneliness

grandparents day flower factor foto artikel

Grandparents Day is back on the calendar! This important day brings the generations closer together, through the universal language of plants and flowers.


In most of Europe – from Holland to Russia, from the UK to Spain – the day of the grandparents is celebrated in October. The exact date varies between countries. Plants and flowers have become the symbol of Grandparents Day, because they grow and bloom just like the grandchildren and have the power of transmitting emotion and affection.

They also stimulate the dialogue among generations, and bring the younger generation closer to nature. It is important that the elderly share their knowledge of flowers, plants and nature with the younger generation.

In Italy, Grandparents Day (‘Festa dei Nonni’) is celebrated on the 2nd of October: this is the day of the Guardian Angels according to the Catholic calendar. There are about 12 million grandparents in Italy and they, collectively, represent an irreplaceable resource.

Equally importantly, ageing is a current and important issue in most European countries and Grandparents Day therefore has a lot of potential. This project can thereby help to bring flowers and plants to the attention of the younger generation.

Grandparents Day is celebrated the 2nd of October in Italy, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia, on October 7th in the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, on 14th October in Germany and on the 28th of October in Russia.

In the Netherlands, Grandparents Day will also be part of an educational “green” program for elementary schools this year: “groen–doen-in-de-klas”.

The photo accompanying this news article comes courtesy of Just Justa photography for Flower Factor and Charles Lansdorp of the Felini Foundation.



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