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11 Russian florists certified as professional judges, via Florint’s ‘JudgCert’ accreditation system

judgcert russia

A very successful Florint Judges’ Certification assessment was organised from April 23 to 26 at the Holiday Inn Seligerskaya Hotel in Moscow, Russia. Eleven professional florists took part, all of whom were awarded their ‘JudgCert diploma’ in the end. But only after being thoroughly tested on the required competencies and mentality!


Having completed the rigorous JudgCert exams, the 11 Russian florists now join the official ‘Judges List’ of International Florist Organisation. They also receive the honorary title NCJFD, for Nationally Certified Judge in Floral Design. Meaning they are available to perform as expert floristry judges and assessors, in either a national championship or educational setting.

The candidates who ‘graduated’ to professional floristry judge were: Sergey Karpunin, Olga Abdrakhmanova, Alyona Chudopal, Natalia Mihhaleva, Vitaliy Piatakov, Lidia Podyablonskaya, Artem Salmin, Svetlana Savchenko, Alla Sokolova, Ludmila Tikhomirova and Irina Treneva. Congratulations are in order!

The organiser of the Judges Certification assessment in Moscow was floristry project IAMFLORIST.com, with the support of Russia’s National Guild of Florists – the member organisation of Florint for the Russian Federation.


Florint’s Judging System and Certification


judges certification russia

The Judges Certification system has been developed and refined by Florint, the International Florist Organisation, over the last decade. We teach the system through courses, which are both theoretical and practical. They focus on the principles of professional floral design as well as important teaching skills. After all, a professional assessor does not only have to be a great florist. He or she must also be a great analyst and communicator.

Topics covered in the courses include, for example, Florint’s 100-point system of floral design scoring; the use of different methods and cultural approaches in floristry assessment; analysis and discussion of competition designs, and the educational aspects of judging.

Experienced floral design tutors run the assessments, and an Assessment Committee oversees them. The certified assessors were, in this case, Florint President Simon Ogrizek and President of the Jury Thomas Ratschker, plus Marianne Wieler from our education partner Flornet.

Assessments have successfully taken place in 9 European countries already. Aside from the recent one in Russia, national assessments will also be held in China, Norway and possibly Austria this year.

An International Judges Certification Assessment is being planned for around the beginning of 2020. In this challenging follow-up assessment, NCJFD florists can take their certification to the highest level: ICJFD. This qualification allows them to sit on the jury of a top-level international floristry championship like Florint’s EUROPA CUP and EUROFLEURS!

Craftsmanship & Education for florists

‘JudgCert’ is part of a collection of tools that Florint has developed to professionalise and standardise floral design education and craftsmanship. A lot of this hard work has been done together with Florint’s partners, united in the European Platform on Floristry Vocational Education & Training (EPFVET).

The themes Craftsmanship and Education are, together, one half of Florint’s strategic vision. The other two key themes are Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Florint aims to support florist associations worldwide by offering added value on these important challenges for florists.






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